There is no limit of things to see and do in Colorado. Our vast array of attractions include everything from sporting events to spas, historical sites to casinos – and everything in between. Take your family to an amusement park or live like an actual cowboy on a working dude ranch. Explore the land where dinosaurs once roamed or ghost towns where gold miners once called home. Whether it’s a trip to a farmer’s market or a dip in the soothing waters of our many natural hot springs, a scenic train ride or an afternoon at the zoo, if you can dream it, you can find it in Colorado.

Fun for the Family:  Colorado offers countless adventures that are perfect families and groups. From the thrilling rides of amusement parks to the exotic animals of our many aquariums and zoos there’s always something to see or do in Colorado. You’ll find everything from winery tours to rich historical sites located throughout the state.

To follow are just some of the attractions that appeal to families of all ages:



Spa’s: Colorado is home to dozens of hot springs and spas where visitors can soothe sore muscles after a full day of white-water rafting, skiing, ice climbing, hiking or mountain biking. Ranging from rustic to refined, Colorado’s hot springs are celebrated for their high mineral content and resulting therapeutic qualities. You’ll find the world’s largest hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs and the world’s deepest hot mineral spring in Pagosa Springs. In addition, Colorado boasts several “man made” spas within its collection of luxury hotel and resort spas. Many of the spas find inspiration in the state’s hot springs culture, introducing architectural water features and hydrotherapy treatments that reflect an awareness of and appreciation for water’s therapeutic qualities.

To follow are just some of the spa on offer in Colorado:


Natural attractions: In Colorado, nature is everywhere you look. From the towering Rocky Mountains to sand dunes, awe-inspiring waterfalls to emerald-green forests, you’ll find places where you can get away and just enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Our many state and national parks offer a great backdrop for your adventures, whether you’re looking to go hiking, fishing, mountain biking or birding. There are also many designated wildlife viewing areas set aside around the state so you can see animals in their natural habitats.

To follow are just some of the natural attractions on offer in Colorado:

Casino’s: Ever since the gold rush, people have come to Colorado to strike it rich. Today, people can test their luck at one of our many casinos. You’ll find nearly 40 casinos in Colorado, where you can play the slots and tables games. In addition, many also offer hotels, dining and entertainment. Our three mountain gambling towns are easy to get to and even fun for the whole family. Central City and Black Hawk are located within a mile of each other, just 34 miles west of Denver. Cripple Creek is 48 miles west of Colorado Springs. Several casinos offer economical round-trip transportation to and from Denver and Colorado Springs; many transportation deals include free drinks and gambling tokens as well.


To follow are just some of the Casino you can try and win big money in Colorado:

Historic Attractions:Colorado’s rich heritage and artifacts are easily explored, from the ancient cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, chronicling more than 700 years of Ancestral Puebloan history, to nearby towns such as Silverton, a National Historic Landmark District, which offer a look at turn-of-the-century Colorado with their well-preserved Victorian-era architecture. Another way to experience Colorado’s heritage is by taking a drive on one of its 25 Scenic and Historic Byways, including the San Juan Skyway (in southwest Colorado), where you’ll see everything from stunning peaks, American Indian ruins, waterfalls and spectacular mountain passes.


To follow are just some of the historical attractions on offer in Colorado:



Ideas for Active Adventures:
1.       Hike one of the state’s 54 mountains that reach an altitude of more than 4,200 meters. Mount Evans is the easiest and Mount Elbert is the highest.
2.       Take an inflatable kayak or whitewater raft down the Arkansas River. Ride a mountain bike along the Colorado Trail, a route famous for its 700 kilometers of trails.
3.       Ride a mountain bike along the Colorado Trail, a route famous for its 700 kilometers of trails.
4.       Load a llama or packhorse with your equipment and hike to the backcountry.
5.       Rock climb in the EldoradoCanyon, near Boulder.
6.       Take a four-wheel drive vehicle along an old mountain route.
7.       Swim in a glacier-formed mountain lake.
8.       Take a horseback ride at a Colorado dude ranch.

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